This is a tough time for America that is confronting the worst hurricane in its history. The wide scale of deluge that Sandy has brought is too large to be put in words. Electricity blackout affecting several millions, tens of thousands evacuated, the roads turning into rivers, a large part of the area close to the coast intruded by the sea water, while the rain and wind storms have been lashing a number of areas including New Jersey, New York and others. This is nature’s fury at its wildest. Though not new to hurricanes and cyclones, a recent one being the hurricane Katrina, this is a moment for the US that is not easy to pass.

Rescue operations have been underway; the storm itself is a hindrance. A dam in New Jersey has collapsed, flooding three towns which shows the sheer strength of the storm to affect infrastructure well inside the continent. There has been loss of life as well with 33 dying on the US mainland, while in the Caribbean more than 60 deaths have been reported. As the storm rages on, conscientious segments of the population would hopefully give weight to the oft repeated thesis that the global warming has been increasing over time due to increasing industrialisation and carbon emissions, courtesy the large Western powers, who have been playing a major part in provoking Mother Nature. There is reason to believe that phenomenon of hurricanes would intensify with current levels of pollution. This needs to be reversed for it concerns a most vital aspect of the environment.