RAHIM YAR KHAN - The police recovered two persons who were kidnapped for Rs4 million ransom. A kidnapper was found dead when the police raided the hideout while nine other kidnappers succeeded in fleeing the scene, said DPO Sohail Zafar Chattha while addressing a press conference here on Tuesday.

The DPO declared that there was no place for dacoits and kidnappers in district and neither any no-go area. He described that few days two persons - Shaukat Ali and Muhammad Ramzan were kidnapped from Chand Rami Road when they were traveling with family from Faisalabad to Sadiqabad. The kidnappers bound hand and foot other family members including three women, a senior citizen and children in the nearby house and took away both the men with them.

On information, within 5 to 10 minutes of the incident SP (Headquarters) Tanveer Hussain Tunio reached the scene but found nobody. However, when they searched the area the police found other family members while the house owners were also found tied. The family members told the police that their two family members Muhammad Ramzan and Shaukat were taken away by the kidnappers on a motorcycle. The police started chasing the kidnappers and traced them at Bhong at which SP Tanveer Tunio raided different places.

 In the meanwhile, the kidnappers demanded Rs4 million in ransom from the family on phone,” the DPO narrated. He claimed that the last night Bhong Police SHO Rana Arshad was tipped-off about the firing and shouting in a crop field on which he passed on the information to SP Tanveer Tunio. Meanwhile, the police followed the gunshot in the crop field and started firing in the direction of firing. When they reached the spot of firing they found the kidnapped persons and a wounded kidnapper,” Sohail Chattha pointed out. He said that one of the victims told the police that two groups had gathered there and wanted to take one of them at which they quarreled and fired gunshots on each other.

The DPO said that the police launched search for the accused and would manage their arrest soon.