At last the cat is out of the bag; it's now official that American drone attacks on Pakistan' tribal areas have got Pakistani establishment' tactical blessings. So what; what's the issue? Drone is just a weapon used in a war, same as artillery fire and air bombardment, so why are so many anti-drone voices heard in Pakistan? Let's analyze from where these noises are coming --- you will find only right-wing religio-political parties and their touts echoing the demand to stop drone strikes.

You will never find them asking the Pakistan Army and Air force to stop operation in tribal areas -- why? Because drone is the only weapon feared by the terrorists; they get away with aerial bombardment, quickly move out of the areas coming under artillery fire but can't do much against the instant drone strike. Let's stop playing games and come out of the world of denial. Pakistan, Afghanistan and other countries in the region are fighting a war against terrorism which must be won; therefore, it's no time to be divided, it’s time to get united against a wicked enemy who feels no shame in sending suicide bombers to blow up innocent men, women, children in malls, markets, bus stops, mosques, churches and shrines.

Pakistan' official stand, that drones are violating its sovereignty makes no sense, as these drones are targeting terrorists in the areas which are not under Pakistani state control. When Pakistan can't secure its own borders then why should they feel upset if its aerial space is violated to get the terrorists? Yes, there were some civilian casualties during drone strikes, but that's the sacrifice tribes have to bear to keep their areas free of terrorists. These tribes may fight back to throw out Pakistani and foreign Taliban operating from their areas; if that's not possible and if Pakistan Army can't secure its own territory, than drones are the only weapons available to instill fear in Taliban’s heart.

Let's be realistic and don't get blackmailed by right-wing parties who are using drone strikes to score political mileage. It's time to expose the hypocrisy of those who oppose drone strikes and fail to mention those 50,000 Pakistanis killed by Taliban in last one decade.


Saudi Arab, October 25.