Will our paid civil and khaki bureaucracy, traders, feudal, ruling political elite and these so-called religious parties, have mercy on Pakistan? What will it take to satisfy their insatiable geed, or make them give up their arrogant defiance for tax evasion? Do they realize how beneficial this country has been for them, with abundance of opportunities offered by creation of Pakistan in 1947? Do they have any conscience, and if they do, does it not prick?

It is so tragic and unfortunate for this country, that those who having benefited most, seek to betray it, by diverting all their assets to foreign lands. How ungrateful of these few, who made billions from allotment of prime real estate, farm houses etc, paying a fraction of market price, for doing nothing extraordinary, except jobs for which they were paid, and instead of serving country, all they did was fill their pockets, betraying their constitutional obligations. Where else in the world would it be business as usual, after Governor of State Bank has stated that almost US$25 million is being taken out of the country through airports manned by immigration, customs, security and intelligence agencies? Why this unchecked plunder of state assets, corporations, tax payer money etc almost with a vengeance.

Little did the Quaid know that on August 14 he created a new state, free from foreign occupation, only to be replaced by economic occupation through proxy rule of men who have no stakes in this country, nor do they consider it worthy for their children to live here, nor their assets to be located in it, having adopted foreign immigration status. If Pakistan is to be saved, from deteriorating to a perpetual state of collapse, our salvation lies in adhering to Quaid’s vision of a modern democratic welfare state.


Lahore, October 28.