KARACHI - The Sindh government has filed a police performance report on the Karachi operation in the Karachi Registry of the Supreme Court (SC) during the hearing of implementation of the apex court verdict in the violence case.

As per the report, overall 6,840 accused were arrested during the operation from September 5 to October 27. The police and CID conducted 4,857 and 339 raids, respectively, and made arrests while 359 encounters took place with criminals during which scores of culprits were arrested. In addition, 41 outlaws were killed.

Those arrested during the operation included 97 in murder and target killing cases, 688 in terrorism, 37 in extortion of money, 30 in kidnapping of ransom, 476 in robberies and 1308 in illegal arms and narcotics cases while 2,359 were absconders.  The report said the pre-operation situation reflected that 330 persons were killed in target killings, 10 in robberies, 33 over personal enmity and 17 in bomb blasts from July, 21, 2013, to September, 4, 2013.

The post-operation period witnessed a marked change as only 139 persons were killed in target killings, 14 in robberies, 50 over personal enmity and only 2 in bomb blasts from September 5 to date.

The police, coast guards, Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) and customs are involved in drug smuggling, Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry remarked during a hearing of the Karachi law and order case at the Supreme Court Karachi, a private TV channel reported. “Everyone is a mafia. They are only making money,” he said, adding no one cares about Karachi and its general public.

The chief justice ordered the ANF director general to visit Kala Pul and see what was going on there. He also said the ANF DG was not doing his work properly.

“3,000 coast guards are present in Karachi, but they have failed to stop drug smuggling,” the chief justice stated, expressing his disappointment. He directed the attorney general to ask the personnel concerned whether they wanted to continue doing their work or not. He also ordered the ANF to provide a certificate, stating that no drug smuggling would take place in future.

When questioned about cleansing Karachi of illegal arms, the attorney general said the security forces had asked people to voluntarily hand over their weapons to nearby police stations, but now door-to-door checking would take place.

The Supreme Court on October 29 had rebuked the federal government for not taking steps to control the smuggling of arms, ammunitions and drugs as well as tax evasions on imports.