With our authorities’ possessing extremely mild and ‘could not care less’ attitude towards the highly important subject of eradicating crime, it appears that crime will continue thriving in Pakistan with the people losing precious lives and property and young girls losing their honour. Although little Sumbal’s case has been shelved on the normal pretext of ‘culprits not traceable’ I may mention that there have been more than a dozen rape cases after this, including the one in which after rape the girl was thrown from the third floor of the building plus a number of murders.

Some of the culprits were reported to have been arrested but no one knows what happened to them? Obviously to maintain the old practice they must have been dumped in a jail to be freed later through underhand methods.

Punishment is the best deterrent to crush crime. The criminals must be produced in court immediately and be charged with the crime and the cases should be dealt with swiftly and the criminals should be awarded suitable punishment that should be widely publicized in the press. The following example of our present attitude towards crime will surely surprise you. According to a press report, in a remote area of Landikotal (KPK) eight gypsy women were caught stealing money and a sum of one hundred thousand was recovered from them. Instead of putting them under arrest they were set free to continue performing their evil acts on the flimsy pretext that ‘there was no jail for the female prisoners in the area’. Why could not they be sent to Peshawar jail?


Lahore, October 29.