ISLAMABAD - Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) is finally flexing political its muscles as it prepares to give a tough time to the ruling PML-N reminding it of the elections promises and pledges it made in the general elections.

PPP stalwarts are preparing a folder comprising press clippings of the PML-N leadership with regard to the May 11 elections. But some party insiders are not attaching high hopes with this new move by the former ruling party in the centre, citing former President Asif Zardari’s assertions to give Nawaz Sharif a free hand to run the affairs of govt.

In the wake of May 11 elections defeat and rising popularity of Imran Khan-led PTI, some PPP leaders are also taking pain in advising the leadership to devote attentions to the much delayed party re-organisation, over due for long now.

Meanwhile, the folder, the PPP leaders say, will have clippings of top national newspapers, both English and Urdu, and will preliminary be used by leader of opposition Khursheed Shah in the upcoming session starting from Nov 4, PPP sources told The Nation on Wednesday. Besides, PPP workers have also started collecting the records of PML-N’s specific public gathering, which were conducted in different areas before May 11, 2013, the said sources.

The former ruling clique, the sources said, has sprung into action to initiate such kind of offensive move after the recurring attacks of its allied opposition party’s Chief Imran Khan for doing ‘friendly opposition’ in different matters. Khurshid while urging PM Nawaz Sharif to come up with the progress of the last APC, has now cautioned to fulfill their promises they made with masses. “Time has come to remind PML-N its election manifesto. The present govt lured people in their charming promises of economic ease, cheap power rates, elimination of terrorism and stoppage of drone attacks before rising to power,” said Khursheed in a statement.

He said that PML-N has forgotten its manifesto and the PPP needs to remind it of its promises made during the election campaign. The govt, he said, is running after mega projects at the cost of people’s life, which is not acceptable to PPP.

“We shall once again come up for strengthening democracy by fighting for the cause of the poor and the deprived segments of the society and force government to take steps for the welfare of masses and refrain from privatization of the national institutions as this step of the government will increase unemployment and spread unrest in the society,” he added.