The Pakistan Hub-e-Watan Party termed the recent hike in wheat flour prices had added to the masses’ miseries.  The party’s Punjab president said the government’s policies would cause food insecurity in the agricultural country only to appease the IMF and benefit a few influential elements. Addressing the meeting of party workers and office-bearers, Chaudhry Manzoor Qadir said failure of the government to check prices of wheat flour had exposed its claims regarding a change which was promised with the masses during election campaigns.

He said millers the millers had passed the burden on the masses in the shape of flour price hike. Resultantly, he added, the price of flour had inflated to the highest ever of Rs11 per kg, disappointing the masses who had pinned great hopes on the new government. The poor wage earners and their families are being forced to sleep hungry, he said. He added that the government’s popularity had been dropped due to failure in containing terror, crimes, inflation, drone attacks and destabilising exchange rate.

He suggested the government to give subsidy to farmers on agricultural inputs or subsidies electricity bills of flour mills to keep flour prices stable. He warned that a new wave of inflation in the country will frustrate the masses.