One remembers when the Pakistan army was about to launch an operation in South Waziristan, the NATO-US forces, deployed in Afghanistan, removed seven posts from their side of the border and allowed the TTP chief Hakimullah Mehsud and comrades to escape the Pakistan army advancement. Pakistan’s Salala post in the Mohmand Agency was obliterated by the Americans only because it had been effectively blocking infiltration routes into the Pakistani area from Afghanistan’s side.

Mullah Fazlullah after escaping from Swat is continuously enjoying the hospitality of Afghan army under the nose of the Americans, NATO and ISAF forces. Despite repeated requests by Islamabad the Americans did not help Pakistan to compel Kabul in handing him over to Pakistan. Despite the fact that the world media recognized that Fazlullah claimed the responsibility of attacking Malala, and strongly demanded action against him, nothing concrete was done on part of the US or NATO. The Kunar province governor continues to harbor him, along with his 1,500 diehard followers, who very often cross into Pakistan and safely go back after finishing attacks on innocent people.

To reach their abodes in Kunar and Nuristan they travel from about 60km to 100km where the satellite surveillance facilities, sensitive ground gadgets and NATO-ISAF check posts can spot their movement easily, but unfortunately they deny having any knowledge of their whereabouts. Remember Mullah Fazlullah’s recent act of terror is the killing of GOC Swat Major General Sanaullah Niazi. After his martyrdom the Fazlullah terrorists must have taken 10 hours to return to their safe areas, was there nobody on the other side of the border in the know? On the other hand, one recalls, an AP report of a truck “load with explosives” used in Indian embassy bombing in Kabul traced its route through satellite to the Haqqani network in North Waziristan.

America has long been pressurizing Pakistan to attack the Haqqani network. The arrest of Hakimullah’s deputy proves the Indian and Afghan complicity with the TTP. This proves that Indian and Afghan governments are sponsoring terrorists in our territory. It also proves that TTP men are not our people; rather they are hired hands of our enemies. Calling them stakeholders is therefore unjust.

Holding talks with people who do not accept our state is therefore unconstitutional. Term terrorism must now be defined, so must the definition of terrorist be clear, because we all believe that they clearly are traitors. The terrorists must be treated as terrorists who understand the language of the gun and fear. It is now upon our politicians, people, media and intelligentsia to get united and stand behind the armed forces for Sri Lanka-like final campaign to eliminate the terrorists who do not deserve leniency any more. “A bad guy is a bad guy, who must be eliminated.”


Peshawar, October 29.