LOS ANGELES-British rock legends The Who are to stage their “last big tour” the year after next, frontman Roger Daltrey said in comments published Tuesday, citing their advancing years.

But he told Rolling Stone magazine that the band, whose members are approaching their 70s, will continue to make music after that “until we drop.”

The massive 2015 world tour “will be the last big tour,” said Daltrey, while adding: “We aren’t finishing after that. We intend to go on doing music until we drop.

“But we have to be realistic about our age. The touring is incredibly grinding on the body and we have to draw a line in the sand somewhere. This will be the last old-fashioned, big tour,” he said.

The band — led by 69-year-old Daltrey and rotary-armed guitarist Pete Townshend, 68 — have spent the last year or two staging their rock opera “Quadrophenia” at shows in Europe and America.