SADIQABAD: Tehrik-e-Istaqlal Pakistan Central President Rehmat Khan Wardaq demanded uninterrupted gas supply to domestic consumers and thermal power plants during winter season.

He said that if gas supply to industries continues at the cost of domestic consumers’ sufferings, it would be an act of cruelty against the public especially students and employees who have to go to their destinations without even breakfast. He noted that Pakistan was not came into being for benefitting only industrialists who what he added wanted to earn huge money and give the gift of loadshedding of gas and electricity to the public.

The politician mentioned that in the era of Pervez Musharraf, gas supply remained suspended during September to March every year but the domestic consumers had not to be suffered. He said that the present governments’ priorities were not correct while the present government’s decisions had revealed that it was saving only the industrialists’ interests and ignoring the public.

He demanded that the federal government should appropriately redetermine its priorities regarding supply of gas to provide the people with relief.–Reporter