Nawaz Sharif’s visit to America has created a debate in Pakistani media. TV channels and print media are analysing his visit. Some are hailing the visit as an ice breaker while others are terming the visit as total failure. Prime minister embarked upon the visit with very clear objectives on his agenda which were, stopping the drone attacks, release of Dr Afia and focus on American withdrawal from Afghanistan in post 2014 scenario. The visit is being judged on the basis of its objective achievements if this is the criteria, then the visit cannot at least be termed as successful.

Apparently Americans did not give any assurance to the PM that they would change their stance on the continued drone attacks or speak about Dr Afia Siddiqui, so the visit actually did not achieve anything however it was quite obvious that the prime minister put his points across. The most interesting part of his visit was when he openly admitted that Pakistan has severe domestic issues and she must fix those problems. This statement is a good gesture from a prime minister who at least acknowledges the many challenges he faces back home. It appears as if there is a consensus across political forces to let the present government deal with the issues without any fear of any political threat to its stability. The ball is now in the government’s court.


Australia, October 27.