The metropolitan city of Karachi is seeing an alarmingly rapid increase in the number of motorcycles on roads. This upsurge in the motorbike numbers is visibly causing congestion on the road, adding to noise and air pollution and not to mention numerous fatal accidents. There are estimated to be around 3.5 to 4 million motorcycles in Karachi alone. The motorcyclists themselves are a reckless and unruly lot. They tend to drive hastily and without thinking, resulting in accidents where they either injure themselves seriously or cause considerable damage to the other person’s vehicle. Newspaper reports regularly show that the majority of fatal road accidents are either caused or suffered by motorcyclists. Also, most of the time, target killing of political activists and money and mobile-snatching are done by people on bikes who get away quite easily and without a hitch after committing these crimes. While it is understandable that motorbikes are an easy, cheaper and a more flexible means of travelling, but letting a deluge of motorcycles flood the city so much so that one cannot travel without the trepidation of hitting or being hit by a motorcycle is a considerable point at issue. Either the concerned authorities should make a separate lane for motorcyclists or ban the use of unregistered motorcycles that are in abundance on the road.


Karachi, October 18.