I often travel on the ring road from Bhatta Chowk to Ravi bridge. On this stretch I see nearly a dozen overhead pedestrian bridges. I don’t see anyone using these bridges. These bridges were built without assessing the need and without asking public opinion. The designs of these bridges is so pathetic that they show no regard for senior citizens. How much money has been wasted on these useless bridges is anybody’s guess. The bridges that have been built close to the airport tell a sordid tale too. On both sides of the bridges there is no housing schemes, both flanks are barren, there is no one to use these bridges.

People say present rule is the rule of Mughal emperors. I reject this argument. Mughal rulers had wise ministers, they gave right suggestion and had the courage if the emperor was doing something wrong and unprofitable. Ministers of today are like humble servants of a cruel vadera. They are ‘yes men’ of the worst type. CM Punjab has some 18 ministries under him, ministers are of the caliber we see in Rana Sanaullah and Rana Mashhood. What can be expected from such people?

May Allah have mercy on us.


Lahore, October 30.