Islamabad - Capital Development Authority (CDA) has directed owners of high-rise and medium-rise commercial buildings to get their buildings checked by approved vetting consultants of the CDA.

The allottes have been directed to furnish soundness/stability certificate under the provisions of Buildings Code of Pakistan (Seismic provision 2007) in one month time. The move comes after concerns at large pertaining to possible damage to the lives and property of the people in the wake of October 26 earthquake. The owners have also been directed to rectify and retrofit, if any, damage or cracking due to the earthquake observed during the inspection of the vetting consultants. Moreover, the authority has further intimated the owners of the building to refrain from using their buildings whose completion certificates have not yet been issued from the CDA.

Meanwhile, Emergency and Disaster Management Directorate and other concerned formations of the Authority are carrying out inspection of high-rise buildings in the entire city to examine emergency entry and exit points and check emergency equipments installed in the buildings.

Furthermore, CDA has decided to launch new mega development ventures in the city. PC-1 of these projects have been prepared which will be presented in the meeting of CDA Development Working Party (CDADWP) meeting to be held in the coming week. The projects which have been envisaged include the dualization of Attaturk Avenue commonly known as Embassy Road from Khybaan-e-Soharwady to Khyabaan-e-Margalla and construction of second carriage way of sector G-10 from the roundabout of service road (west) to Khyabaan-e-Iqbal.

It has been estimated that dualization of Attaturk Avenue from Khyabaan-e-Soharwady to Khyaban-e-Iqbal will cost Rs518.363 million while a PC-1 amounting to Rs444.694 have been prepared for the construction of second carriage way of sector G-10 from the roundabout of service road (west) to Khyabaan-e-Iqbal. This would facilitate the traffic from sector G-10, G-11, F-10, F11, D-12, E-11 and E-12. CDA will complete these projects with its own resources. Similarly, CDA has also decided to start the development work in sector E-12/2. Tenders in this regard have already been called and development work is likely to be started in coming days.