LAHORE - Analysts don’t see any shift in PTI’s vote bank after the divorce saga notwithstanding a hot topic of discussion in every household in Pakistan.

Political rivals of the PTI yesterday took jibes at the PTI supporters as the news channels aired juicy stuff about the broken marriage. Hawks in the PML-N, the PPP and the MQM were out with scandalous statements in no time before the top leaders appealed for restraint calling it a personal matter.

Political rivals might use this episode to gain political mileage as it has come only a day before the local elections. But many believe it was not going to change the opinion of electorate.

“In local elections, constituencies are small and people vote for a candidate on local issues”, political analyst Hassan Askari Rizvi opined, adding, that it was not going to change the voting pattern in a big way.

He believed that a national level incident will not shift the vote in local elections.

The opinion polls, he said, have already projected the PTI as the second most popular party after the PML-N, and it is most likely to retain this position in the local elections.

“It only reflects Imran’s inability to make correct decisions”, he stated.

Askari also predicted that parting of ways between the political couple will not create any political ripples at the national level.

“Political opponents can only make an argument against Imran Khan about his incoherent decision making, but he is not going to lose much on the political front”, he stated.

“Has the alleged secret love affair between Khan and Sita White been any hindrance in his political pursuits?” he asked.

Senator Mohsin Leghari was of the view that it would be a non-issue for the media after some time. “People have very short memories and this short-lived hype in media will subside soon”.

Mohsin Leghari did not agree with the supposition that PTI would lose its vote bank in the local polls.

“Political alignments have already been made and people are not going to change their opinion only because a divorce has been confirmed”, he asserted.

He argued that political parties in Pakistan did not exist at the gross-roots level and hence there was no likely-hood of it influencing the electorate.

About any long-term negative impact on PTI’s politics the incident might cause, Mohsin said that many known political figures had broken marriages and scandals but this never affected their political careers. He cited the examples of Mr Jinnah, Gandhi and Nehru to substantiate his point.