Polling deferred at several polling stations due to disorderly printing of ballot papers

Polling has been deferred at some polling stations due to printing of disorderly ballot paper. The signs of some candidates were missing while in some cases they had been printed in haphazard manner. For example in UC 162 Bhogiwal Ward 5 the councillors election has been stopped and deferred. There has been some minor clashes between PTI and PML-N workers but the police has so far managed to control the situation.

Female voters turning up in large numbers

Women turning up in large numbers to cast their polls across Lahore. In some areas the number of women voters outnumbered the men. The areas of Canal View, Johar Town and Westwood are in example in this regard. It was thought that the divorce of Imran Khan and Reham would have an impact on PTI female vote. This however seems not to have happened.  

Similarly, in posh areas of Johar Town in UCs 114, 115, EME 116, a large number of female voters was seen.

There have been incidents of impersonation. An imposter was caught trying to cast vote in Kahna posing himself as magistrate. He reportedly misbehaved with election staff that led to suspicion that he might be an imposter.

Rigging claims flood social media once again

The much awaited local body elections being conducted in Punjab and Sindh have managed to attract a lot of attention on social media networks. Lately, tweets have been flooding the social media suggesting that the elections are accompanied by both violence and rigging: