LAHORE - Meera’s mother yesterday said she would have been a successful mother-in-law of Imran Khan , hours after PTI chief’s separation with Reham Khan was confirmed.

Meera, a controverial actress, had earlier herself proposed to star Khan through the media, before the cricketer-turned-politician tied knot with the BBC weather girl, Reham.

The Lollywood star is best known for her natural talent to amuse people with her own version of English language. She has also been a media sensation over claims by different gentlemen of marrying her from time to time. It looks as if her mum too has no dearth of talent in saying funny things at the oddest times.

“This is a painful time for me & Reham & our families. I would request everyone to respect our privacy,” Imran Khan requested on twitter, confirming that the 9-month marriage was over.

But hours after the man intensely loved by most of the youth in Pakistan made this appeal, Meera’s mum told a TV channel she would be a successful mother-in-law of Khan. “Had Imran Khan tied the knot with Meera, he would have not faced such devastation,” she said. “I can still arrange for Imran’s marriage with (my daughter) Meer if he wished so,” she added.