How true that the only lesson we ever learn from history is not to learn any lesson. The other day I saw news clips showing Pakistan’ army chief, Gen. Raheel meeting his Turkish counterpart, Gen. Hulusi, while the tickers at TV screen bottom were breaking the news that death toll after Ankara attack on a peace rally has reached 128. Anything surprising —- may be for Turks, but not for Pakistanis. In early 80s, we decided to become a supply conduit for a war between two superpowers in our neighbor – Afghanistan; it’s now 2015 and we are still stuck in that quagmire. The superpower we supported all these years is now in the process of leaving Afghanistan for the second time, and we are here to brace the consequences, can’t change the neighbors!

We regret to see a politically and economically stable country such as Turkey going the route of destruction. What’s happening in Turkey is as simple as two plus two is always four; becoming a supply line in a civil war and then hoping that it won’t backfire was once a sweet dream, now fast becoming a nightmare.

One may presume that Gen. Raheel would have given his counterpart some practical tips. But there is no short cut to get out of the mess Turkey has volunteered to except all the long term political interests in Syria are put aside and worry for their own country.


Saudi Arab, October 13.