I would like to request Chief of Election Commissioner of Pakistan that it will be a great service rendered by you, if you recommend to government and establishment that the institution of Election Commission of Pakistan should be replaced with Election Authority of Pakistan or its function should be transferred to Pakistan Army. Since 1970 ten elections have been conducted by Election Commission of Pakistan which are alleged by political parties to be rigge, not free, fair, just and transparent. Only one election in the history of Pakistan was not rigged, which was in 1970 and was managed by Pakistan Army. Why waste huge amount of money in maintaining a state Commission which has failed to even implements its own rules, which does not have any capability or resources to conduct rigging free elections? It is irony that ECP has been headed by honorable judges and its performance has been pathetic and questionable. The dignity of ECP and its member judges has been politicised. It is also common that the decisions of ECP and election tribunals have been over turned by High Courts and Supreme Courts judges. How can true democracy can be established when elections are not held fairly? Should I expect you to set an example of moral courage and personal integrity by declaring that ECP of Pakistan has failed to perform its duties and is a burden on the national exchequer? Let the only organization working and performing as it should take responsibility to establish a democracy in which common man can also contest election and it does not remain the domain of rich people.

Engr. S. T. Hussain,

Lahore, October 13.