The only family members who had been permitted to see Bhutto in the hours before he died were his daughter Benazir, his firstborn and favorite child, who was then in her twenties, and his wife, Nusrat. Unlike previous visits, they had not been permitted inside his cell. “I pleaded with the jailers, I begged them to open the cell door, so that I could embrace him, and say a proper goodbye,” Benazir said in an interview with New York Times “But they refused. When I left him, I couldn’t look back; I knew that I couldn’t control myself. I’m not even sure how I managed to walk down that corridor, past the soldiers and past the guards. All I could think of was my head. “Keep it high,” I told myself. ‘They are all watching.”

It was that day that sealed the fate of the Bhutto family and the PPP forever. Zia unknowingly had created a God like hero, a myth that would carry to this day, long after he had passed away and the next three generations had come to power based on the public sympathy for the circumstances of his death.