Unfortunately, ours is a deeply corrupt and morally bankrupt society. Hardly any sphere in our society is left which is not morally bankrupt. So much so the even the educational sphere, education which makes or mars the nation, is reported to be in knee deep in moral bankruptcy. Besides financial corruption, sexual harassment and sex crimes in the educational institutions, especially, in public and private sector varsities have become a burning issue in Pakistan nowadays.

According to one reliable research, only a few sexual harassment and sex crime cases are reported but many cases go unreported and beyond this state of affairs, reasons are so many; a hostile social attitude against girls/ women, and denial of social and administrative justice. Many sexual harassment and sex crime victims were silenced and now they are themselves serving in various positions both in the faculty and administration in the educational institutions.

It is a painful reality that many educational institutions in the country have no more remained as teaching and learning but the worst “crime zones “where sex offense is forcibly committed both by the teachers, administration, transport people, among others.

The relevant federal and provincial organizations such as Higher Education Commission, morality preachers, media, civil society and others should pay heed to this very serious issue growing in different varsities because sex offenders often go unpunished due to their lobbies and unions. Like many others in this country, I often think, what will be the future of that nation where teachers and others from learning places commit sex crimes with innocent girl students, faculty members and other working women? Is there anyone to take notice of this growing heinous crime on the campuses and appoint people of character as teachers and officers who think good thoughts, speak good words and take good actions, not mentally retarded and sex-crazy guys?


Islamabad, October 14.