ISLAMABAD - Former cricketer-turned politician Imran Khan’s divorce yesterday sparked a social media storm as issue secured top ranking in Pakistan while second worldwide.

Khan, 62,  whose second marriage with a former BBC weather host and a divorced mother of three, 42-year-old Reham Khan, in January this year, attracted a large audience on social media , his divorce was discussed even more, not only among women or political rivals but across the globe as well.

Loved by millions across the cricket-obsessed nation for winning Pakistan’s only World Cup in 1992, Khan's sporting prowess, good looks and pioneering a cancer hospital, not only brought him international recognition but also unmatched popularity in country, especially women.

At around 12pm the news of divorce first appeared on TV screen followed by confirmations from Khan and Reham on social media .

“I have the greatest respect for Reham’s moral character and her passion to work for and help the underprivileged,” said a tweet from Imran Khan.

He was responding to accusations that Reham has been paid in millions against her Haq-Mehar.

The social media showed strong reaction and the twitter accounts started filling with reactions.

Some criticized Khan for his egoistic attitude; some blamed both for not working hard to make the relationship work, while some pointed out a third factor, which ruined the love marriage.

Some tried to prove Reham an agent of M1-6 while others held Jehangir Khan Tareen responsible for the divorce, who allegedly leaked the couple’s quarrel stories to media, for his vested interests, while some termed it a personal affair.

While the PTI social media team tried hard to term it a personal affair, some criticized media for overplaying the incident. 

Cricketer Ramiz Raja on his tweet account said that media is seriously acting like ‘Muhally ki Aunty’.

A user Samee Choudhry termed it a shockingly sad news and sad day while another Nazrana Yousaf speculated about the reason for divorce.

Imran Khan said in a talk show had said, "If Reham Khan demanded an expensive bag, I will divorce her." It seems like she really wanted that bag, she said in her tweet.

Some termed it a personal matter while some argued that marriage or divorce of a political party leader, like Imran Khan, who is a role model of a large population of the country, cannot be a personal matter.

Some were wondering about the next course of action of Reham after parting ways with one of the most glamorous and accomplished man.

Will Reham Khan launch her own party, or she will join PML-N, or may be the MQM – is a million dollar question, shared a user Comicsbywaqar.

However, Cricketer Shoib Akhtar was more direct in his comments.

“The person who's most scared and worried after this news of divorce between IK and Reham Khan, is Nawaz Sharif. IK has more time on hand now,” said Akhtar in his tweet.

The political opponents also vented out their anger in their tweets and statements on media, but Nawaz Sharif, known as a gentleman in his rivals also, once again extended his generous gesture by ordering his party members not to comment on the divorce issue.

Khan’s major political rival and one of the major benefactors of his Dharana campaign against rigging in last general elections, PML-N lawmaker, Ayaz Sadiq, who lost his National Assembly’s speakership, due to Khan, also commented on the incident.

“Sad to hear about Imran Khan and Reham Khan, but our prayers are with you both and we all wish you both the best for the future,” he said in his account.

Web editions of international news and media groups placed the news on their front page. Some presented factual figures while some in prejudice to Pakistan portrait a very negative image.

“Imran Khan divorced second wife Reham Khan. Is he seeing Jemima again,” said Indian media group NDTV’s twitter account.

Western media highlighted ten months of marriage. Guardian tweeted Imran Khan announces divorce after 10 months of marriage.

BBC and other foreign media accounts also echoed similar tweets. Top regional and world media groups also carried the news on their social media pages.

Despite difference of opinion and different angling most of the users were unanimous that after the divorce things will not be the same for both Imran Khan and Reham.