Islamabad - The Embassy of Switzerland in collaboration with the Satrang Gallery of the Serena Group hosted a two-day Sculpture Exhibition opened on Friday to promote cross-cultural understanding and creation through visual art. Over 1,000 guests from all walks of life attended the event and enjoyed the works of art on display.

The Exhibition featured around 30 sculptures of 12 different artists. The Ambassador of Switzerland, Marc P. George, emphasised the importance of visual diplomacy and termed artists “cultural ambassadors”. He further observed that the exhibition provided an opportunity to unleash the aesthetic potential of young and promising Pakistani sculptors who enlightened the public about the innovative techniques and the thematic expressions behind their works. On this occasion, the Ambassador of Switzerland thanked the Swiss companies - especially Nestle, Novartis, and SGS - for sponsoring the Embassy’s initiative. He further added: “I am pleased to note that the Swiss companies’ corporate social responsibility is measured in acts and not in words.”

The director of Satrang Gallery, Asma Rashid Khan, lauded the initiative of the Swiss Embassy and said: “Satrang Gallery is pleased to be expanding its platform and its display. We believe in the power of cultural diplomacy and are grateful to the generosity of Ambassador Marc George and his commitment to supporting and preserving the arts in Pakistan. We have worked on this exhibition for the last many months and the artists have responded to the embassy’s expansive outdoor exhibition space and have created artworks designed to absorb and provoke the viewer’s attention as they interact with the display.” Sculpture is an unconventional art practice in Pakistan and the exhibition was an opportunity to remind us of the incomparable place it has in the world of creation.

In this respect, sculptures cannot be considered a minor fine art.