Many innovations and new trends have emerged in the world relating to the judiciary, criminal justice system and police. But the pace of introduction, incorporation and application is ruthlessly slow or non-existent in Pakistan as compared to most developed and democratic countries. 

Like many other innovative systems, Electronic courts also became debatable at different forums. A few intellectually and technically sound judicial officers who took the lead to incorporate technology, use Skype and other tools for speedy and easy dispensation of justice. 

But, whenever I visit my friends and students, both in legal and judicial professions, across the country I happen to conclude that there is insufficient grace and inclination towards innovations such as E-courts in Pakistan. 

Like many others, I personally believe that the functioning of E-courts, is badly needed in a country like ours where seeking justice is exceedingly difficult. However, only a continued support of all stakeholders can make it a reality. Above all, our ruling government needs to show the will to revolutionize and reform the judicial system, as time and tide demands in this twenty first century. How long will the justice system rely on a lingering, delayed paper process? 

Being a humble student of Political Science and Law, what I have learned from law, wisdom and even from the Holy books is that justice means “instant relief to the victim/aggrieved”. If delayed on one pretext or the other, as we see and experience in our society, it is nothing but absolute injustice. And injustice brings doom and destruction in the society. 


Islamabad, September 29.