It is unfortunate that with the onslaught of modern technology our younger generation prefers to stick to their digital gadgets rather than to involve themselves in some sort of physical activities. This trend has stunted the physical as well as mental growth of the teenagers and the preteens equally. It is said ‘a sound body has a sound mind.’ The dream of sound body can not be realised unless our youth get rid of the cocoon of smart phones. The digital addiction is creating lot of problems among our children. They keep busy in texting their friends and browsing the net at the cost of those life skills which the only receive by interacting with those who are close to them. This grim reality further results in generation gap because they miss the chance of inculcating in themselves the core cultural and moral values which are necessary to keep the social fabric intact. Moreover, such students lag far behind in their studies as they glue to cell screens for long periods. 

To tackle this alarming situation, it is the responsibility of teachers and parents to steer the energies of our youth towards positive and constructive direction. Teachers should familiarise the students with the harmful and negative impact of excessive use of the digital instruments. In the same way, parents must keep an eye on their children’s activities and advise them to refrain from sapping their energies in worthless chores. 


Mianwali, October 20.