If you have broken the eggs, you should make the omelet. – Anthony Eden, British PM at the time of Suez Canal Crisis

The Suez Canal Crisis was in full force by the 31st of October 1956. The crisis ensued after the nationalization of Suez Canal by the Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser. Israel invaded Egypt on 29th of the month. The objective of the invasion was to resume the control of western powers over the Canal. Britain and France issued an ultimatum for ceasefire which went unheard. Consequently, British and French paratroopers landed on Suez Canal by 5th November. The Egyptian forces were defeated in the confrontation but they were able to block the canal. It was later revealed that the attack by the three countries was planned before hand. United Nations cease fire was promulgated on the 6th of November. United States, in an attempt to disassociate itself from the European colonialism influenced Britain and France to comply with the terms of the cease fire. The canal was closed until March of 1957.