Karachi - Federal Minister for IT & Telecom Dr Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui has said that technology is opening up new avenues for one and all. Many of our youngsters are specialising in different aspects of the IT industry and in this perspective they are being supported by the government, and now Pakistan is ranked in the top 5 countries, where we got the best professional freelancers.

He was addressing at the concluding ceremony of Career Fair 2018 organised by Department of Computer Science, University of Karachi.

“It is a great pleasure for me today to be associated with this initiative of the Dcs-UBIT, University of Karachi – the Career Fair’18, which is geared towards the promotion of new technologies and job opportunities for the students,” he added.

“I indeed laud the initiative of the young people who are behind this event as it shows their endeavour to forge ahead and to prepare for a bright career, therefore a bright future. In fact, a job fair is the appropriate forum for interaction between jobseekers and employers and for promotion of job opportunities.”

Department of Computer Sciences-Umaer Basha Institute of Information and Technology (DCS-UBIT) organised their first ever Career Fair’2018.

Ever since its foundation, UBIT has been setting and achieving milestones that strengthen the sense of pride within its associates. The challenges set have been a source of triumph marking its success in the records of its accomplishments.

The recruiters were presented an array of future professionals for their organisations who will prove to be nothing but an asset for them. The recruiters present at the Career Fair were thoroughly impressed with the zealous future professionals of UBIT.

The diverse assemblage of these participant organizations added to the competent professional’s ardour making the entire Job Fair a mega success.

UBIT Chairman Dr Sadiq Ali Khan said that world has become a global village due to the phenomenon of globalisation and scientific growth and development. In this regard, job oriented curriculum and degrees have become pivotal due to the contemporary trends of the industry and the markets.

“The IT industry in Pakistan needs more research, we need more people to come in the field of research and invention so Pakistan can compete with other countries with regards to IT. We are living in times where basic knowledge of computer science is required everywhere.

We have many talented developers and IT professionals in Pakistan but there are not enough IT related products in the market. I will encourage my students to work on producing products that go out in the international market as Pakistani products.”

Professor Dr Anila Amber Malik, President KUTS said that degree provides platform to our students to enter in the professional life afterwards their skills are the deciding factor for their future. Our students are highly talented and competent, they just need direction and guidance.