LAHORE - The Bank of Punjab, in its endeavor to automate the collection of government receipts, has taken another step towards the facilitation of Punjab citizens. Subsequent to the Lahore High Court’s instructions for the improvement of traffic in Lahore, PSCA has launched the initiative for e-Challans through its automated monitoring system installed all across Lahore city. The Bank of Punjab has partnered with PSCA for the collection of e-Challans through all its branches across the territorial jurisdiction of Punjab.

It is a matter of great pride to mention that BoP has provided more than 480 branches at Tehsil level across Punjab for the collection of e-Challans and has further facilitated by extending the collection time to 04:00pm so as to ensure maximum convenience for the citizens. With multiple touch points, extended timings for citizens and an automated collection mechanism, BoP has kept on its promise to automate and streamline the collection of Punjab government receipts.