We live in a world where 306 million children are employed among those children 215 million children are proclaimed as child labour in which 115m children are compelled to work in hazardous work condition.

Pakistan is suffering from extremely tender socio-economic and political chaos there are many reason why share of child labour is increasing such as poverty large family size, social attitudes and low literacy rate, worst economic crisis, symmetry of natural disaster, and large increase of unemployment most recent data available is from 1996 where a survey was conducted that showed that there are 3.3 million children in Pakistan who are victims of child labour. Human right commission Pakistan estimated that there are 10 million underage children linked to labour in Pakistan.

Children in Pakistan are engaged in child labour, including in agriculture and in the worst forms of child labour in bonded labour. The majority of child labour in Pakistan occurs in agriculture. The constitution of Pakistan respects the children rights and provides for depending children. According to constitution, no child under the age of fourteen should be employed in any factory or mile or any other hazardous employment. Human right commission of Pakistan reports, social attitudes, large family size and low literacy rate as factors of child labour in Pakistan.

So, I humbly request to the PM Of Pakistan to save the children form laboring because they are the upcoming success of our country.


Pasini, October 19.