Government failed to focus on the government schools, where poor children are studying to be something in future and to do something for their state. Because of some lack facilities in government schools are not making students eligible for their higher education. Mostly, college students always fail, because of weak basic from their school lives.

It is tough for a poor to read in private schools, which are providing the best quality education, but poverty doesn’t let poor children get education in private schools. Private schools are not bringing teachers from out of country, just they teach and do practicals of thought things, which can be placed in their minds easily, and just everyday revising and monthly bases test they do take. These both tips are being ignored in governmental schools. When I was reading in school, then government has announced for giving computers in schools, but I have done my matrix and my brother is reading, still computers are lost, maybe computer subject can be the profession of the students. So, our new Prime Minister is requested to bring some changes in schools, where students basic will be strong enough.


Turbat, October 19.