The Pakistan government has sought assistance from the Swiss government in tracing the money illegally stashed by Pakistani nationals in Swiss Banks.

The cooperation was sought by Law Minister Farogh Naseem during a meeting with Swiss Ambassador Thomas Kollay in Islamabad on Wednesday.

The law minister said the government is striving to eliminate corruption and it has nothing to do with the money accumulated through legitimate sources. However, it needs cooperation and assistance against the ill gotten money.

Assuring cooperation to Pakistan, the Swiss envoy said that his country has done legislation to keep the illegal money away from Swiss banks.

Farogh Naseem said Pakistan also desires to strengthen its relations with Switzerland in different fields including trade and culture.

Pakistan has rendered immense sacrifices in the war on terror and the international community should acknowledge them, he added.

Agreeing with the minister, the Swiss envoy said that the achievements and efforts of Pakistan Army in the fight against terrorism should be propagated.