Unregistered cellphones are causing problems for the government because the rampant smuggling of used cellphone impacts the economy. It causes a loss of total $1.5 billion in revenue every year in the government exchequer. The drive to get all the cellphones registered with the government is a step in the right direction because it not only provides ample data of the system but also keeps smuggling under control. The influx of illegal items in the economy creates an abundance of black money which can be easily whitened with introducing policies which will make illegal resale of these items extremely difficult.

One of the biggest problems with the introduction of such policies is its implementation. This has been the country’s problem since its inception. The government is excelling in the legal front but the area where it lags behind is the implementation of these carefully thought out policies. The government’s plan to introduce penalties on unregistered cellphones will push people to get on this bandwagon of registration, especially if the phone becomes unusable.

The system introduced for registration is also very convenient. With only a text message, the consumers can get their cellphones registered. This saves ample amount of time which would otherwise be used to actually go to the concerned offices to get the cellphones registered. This shows the concern for the consumers and an effort to introduce policies which are entrenched in consumer care and make their lives very easy as well. User-friendly policies are often accepted and followed easily because a consumer does not have to go out of his or her way to follow the new regulations being introduced. This is precisely how systems modernise.

This new policy also allows users to get their cellphones registered even if their cellphones have been illegally smuggled into the country. This means that the government has done its homework and realises that the huge market already exists for such cell phones, and a good idea would be to allow them to get registered, instead of forcing them to give up on their cellphones and buy new ones altogether. This shows a concern for the ability of the people to afford new cellphones, which have become a necessity but not everyone has the capacity to afford new ones. At the same time, the regulatory duty will also be introduced keeping in mind the value of the set. This means that affordability will be kept in mind and it will certainly help in the mainstreaming of this policy.