Couple of days back I had requested through these columns the Prime Minister to order some sort of inquiry into the affairs of the Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA).

As a matter of fact cleansing of PNCA of all mess is primarily the responsibility of Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood who is also holding additional charge of the National History and Literary Heritage Division . Accordingly, I am now requesting him to visit the PNCA headquarters and acquaint himself about what is going there and how many of its employees, both former and present, are facing host of inquiries which are all shelved.

I may mention here that a former PNCA Director Visual Arts, name intentionally being withheld, who had retired in 2016 after a trouble shooting career is now vying for top slot of the PNCA Director General and is being duly promoted by the Minister’s 77 years old cousin from Lahore as usual.

The former PNCA employee faced many inquiries and some are even pending with FIA and other agencies but no harm has ever come to her because of her connections in the higher circles of corridors of power which she had developed by presenting paintings to the higher quarters concerned and thus becoming untouchable by law enforcing agencies.

It was perhaps in January 2014 that she had faced major penalty of dismissal service after being charge sheeted on 16 allegations including failing to provide her educational degrees to PNCA despite passage of several years , for overstaying abroad and misguiding her organization on a number of occasions. But she survived all this and continued “serving” PNCA till her retirement in 2016. The Minister can find out much more messy files if he visits the PNCA for purposes of cleansing the house of all dirt.