ISLAMABAD-Japan would provide jobs to around 350,000 workers from 10 different countries, including Pakistan, Ambassador of Japan to Pakistan, Kuninori Matsuda said Wednesday.

The labour force would accommodate in 14 major sectors including nursing care, building clinics, agriculture, fisheries, hotel management, food and beverages, aircraft maintenance and airports ground handling staff, shipbuilding, material processing, industrial machinery, constructions, car mechanics, said Kuninori Matsuda.

The ambassador said that Pakistan and Japan agreed to sign Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in November for export of thousands of hi-tech skilled labourers from Pakistan to Japan.

He said that in the current scenario, Japan faces shortage of labour force, “we need to import skilled labourers from 10 countries including Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and other Association of South East Asian Nations (ASAIN)” he said. He also praised the Pakistani workers who were working in Japan, saying that they were skilled and working with full commitment and honesty. He said that professional skills and proficiency in Japanese language would be must for workers to work in Japan under this policy.

He said that Japan and Pakistan have enjoyed historical diplomatic and economic relation, where Japan has always supported Pakistan in many situations.

Replying to a question, the ambassador said that Pakistan and Japan are looking for increasing bilateral cooperation in agricultural-based industry and value addition as Japan has already announced grant aid to enhance productivity in relevant agricultural fields. He said that Japan was also looking for enhancing the cooperation in auto parts industry for enhancing the capacity of local labour and providing employment opportunities in Pakistan. He added that Japanese companies were interested to establish the industrial units of auto parts in Pakistan for bringing investment to provide opportunity to the local people.