Economy plays a vital role in the developing of country so that is the root of nation or country which is the builder and help to stand living. However ,that is wheels of seem to be turning faster and faster at the to amid an accelerating slowdown in the economy.

In two days a high level meeting were PM residence to take stock of the economy situation so that help the country stand alone and a single feet. When the economy become first then the country will be 1st of every things. It the economy goes lower side than country face various issues such as poverty, illiteracy, inflation , unemployment and many more. By the economy country can develop easily but with problem of it. It very hard for a country to develop. If a nation is facing such issue then it will be backwardness. Furthermore, the accountability process could be hurting business confidence and a wish was expressed for NAB to continue it. So Pakistan national bank to improve it. Everyone wants to see the economy improve but everyone wants feel that improvement in their day to day lives.