Islamabad (PR) - Roots Millennium School (RMS) organised an orientation session for the Millennial students here at I-9/3 Millennium Campus which was organised by Natasha Khan, Yahya Khan and Afnan Arshad.

A group of Buraq representatives gathered deserving students from across the country that share a passion for a space exploration and brought them on a single platform.

The orientation infused them with a sense of national unity and social responsibility to empower them with the ability to think out-of-the-box.

It was a ten days camp in Islamabad where the best of the brightest students from all over the country get to interact with leaders in academia, science, technology, business and other significant professions, says a press release issued here on Thursday.

Young Millennial students from RCI Millennium Campus I-9/3, Islamabad showed profound interest to take part in this adventure. Roots Millennium Schools always promoted diversity and involved students in different capability inducing activities.

They introduced Buraq Planetary Society that was initiated in 1993. Buraq’s first accomplishment was that of immediately receiving international recognition by sending three of its members to the Uzbekistan Space Camp. In 1994, Buraq held its first Pakistani Space Camp in Murree and has held nine camps since then. Graduate Buraqians play a key role in the organisation of Space Camps, creating a self-supporting hierarchy of individuals who understand the Buraq first hand experience.

Shahid Mahmud, the Chairman of Buraq, originally came up with the idea of forming a society that focused on the exploration of space sciences.

Along with co-founder Sameer Qureshi, they studied and tailored the Space Camp pattern that already existed in Uzbekistan and integrated that into what came to be known as the Buraq Space Camp.

In his message Chief Executive RMS Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq TI expressed his views: “I always strive to support my students on such empathised thoughts and to encourage such brazen ideas and initiatives for the greater prosperity of our country Pakistan.”

The session ended with huge round of applause from the young Millennials.