Minister of State of Capital Administration & Development Division (CADD) has directed the concerned officials to shift the evening classes TI morning shift/session as it is not feasible to run two parallel shifts in the schools/colleges and acquire more land to build new schools and colleges.

The minister Barrister Usman Ibrahim issued these directives at a meeting regarding the matter of evening shift in Islamabad model schools & colleges at CADD here Monday.

“There are number of problems in evening shift like inadequacy of building/infrastructure, paucity of funds, shortage of teaching and supporting staff, problem of transportation and the problem of odd hours,” the minister said.

He also said that those schools/colleges in which the number of students in evening shift is less enough to be easily accommodated in morning shift should be gradually moved to the morning shift.

This would be done in phases, as it is not easy to shift and relocate the students immediately, the minister maintained.

The process of shifting has started as evening shift’s students of few schools/colleges including IMPC (H8) and IMCB (H9) would be shifted to morning after Eid ul Azha.

New classrooms would be built in those model schools/colleges where there is enough space available to accommodate evening shift’s students, emphasized the minister.

In the next phase, more land would be acquired to build additional schools/colleges in order to accommodate the influx of students, he said adding a committee would be formed interact with CDA officials to decide the matter.

Talking about the shortage of teaching and supporting staff, the minister said that a recruitment committee would be formed to discuss this matter.

Moreover, he directed the officials to make a PC-I of 100 buses in order to resolve the issue of transportation for the students.

The meeting was attended by Additional Secretary CADD Qaiser Majeed, Director Schools (males), Director Schools (females), Director Model Colleges, Director Colleges, and Director Admin and Finance (FDE).