Islamabad - Pakistan Social Services Partnership (PSSP) has regretted the recent decision of the prime minister of entrusting the Higher Education Commission (HEC) with the responsibility to revise curriculum of Pakistan Studies, English and Urdu of all levels.

This is contrary to provincial autonomy and spirit of the 18th amendment. Moreover, as per 1976 Act, HEC is mandated to deal with educational matters including curriculum revision of institutions above Grdae-12.                                                                                                                                       

In a statement the PSSP said that it supported that curriculum should include deepening understanding of constitutional democracy, pluralism in national and international context, freedom of speech, right to information, etc.

This will help students of all grades broaden their understanding of democratic system and its benefits guaranteeing human fundamental rights as stated by Gulbaz Ali Khan, President PSSP.

At the same time, PSSP considers primary and secondary curricula development and change is solely the domain of provincial governments. Intervention of the federal government in the domain of curriculum making for secondary schools would pave the way for violating all federal democratic norms that have started taking roots through 18th constitutional amendment in Pakistan after decades of struggle.

If the provinces feel the need to take benefits from the experiences of one another, a meeting of inter-provincial coordinating bodies could always be held or the forum of the Council of Common Interests could be used for the purpose.  

The PSSP has demanded of the federal government to withdraw its decision to delegate curriculum revision to HEC which is in contravention to the constitution of Pakistan. The Council of Common Interests (CCI) should formulate federal level committee comprising representatives of all four provincial governments and civil society organisations as well as prominent civic leaders/educationists. It urged the federal government to enact right to information (RTI) immediately for easy and low-cost access to public information.