Islamabad - The security agencies of the country have issued a warning stating that terrorists may target vehicles carrying students to and fro their respective schools in the federal capital. “It has been learnt through reliable sources that some terrorist organisations are planning to place magnetic explosive devices beneath the vehicles carrying students. In this regard, reportedly a separate team of terrorists has also been dispatched to Islamabad capital territory to carry out such an activity,” said a letter written by SSP Islamabad police to the heads of the schools and educational institutions, besides other relevant offices, on Wednesday.

The letter said: “In the light of the threat, the management of all schools/educational institutions is strictly directed to enhance security of the vehicles that carry students to and fro their respective schools.” The SSP has also sought specific information from the heads of the educational institutions pertaining to the vehicles which carry students as ‘number of such vehicles with their registration numbers’, ‘name of owner/drivers with their cell number and valid driving license number’ and ‘operational area of the vehicle’ within three days.

The SSP, through the letter has also requested to the concerned that each school/ educational institution should arrange the mirror reflectors to check the magnetic explosive devices underneath such vehicles. “The physical checking of vehicles should be carried out by the security staff of the concerned school itself and the compliance should be sent to this office in not more than seven days from the receipt of this letter,” said the letter.

The letter further stated that all the concerned SHOs are responsible for the security of students in their areas of jurisdiction.

The matter of safety and security of the students is of top importance and, therefore, it merits top priority, it further said.

The SSP office has also sought suggestions and recommendations, if any, from the stakeholders in order to further enhance the security of the students.

Meanwhile, Minister of State for Capital Administration and Development Division, Barrister Usman Ibrahim on Wednesday contacted the interior ministry to depute foolproof security at schools and hospitals situated in Islamabad.