islamabad - The government is planning to incorporate seminary education, based on the Imam Hatip system in Turkey, in the upcoming new education policy after the deliberation and suggestions of all the provinces, stated education minister.

Engr Muhammad Baligh-ur-Rehman, minister of state for education, said this during his meeting with Turkish Ambassador to Pakistan, S Babur Girgin, at his office yesterday.

The Turkish ambassador proposed to establish Madrassas/Schools in Pakistan based on the Imam Hatip (Khatib) Schools system in Turkey. He also briefed the minister about the research, which shows the results on the comparison of Pakistani seminaries and Turkish seminaries. “Strong Pakistan means strong Turkey,” remarked the ambassador.

The minister told the ambassador that the government is already working on the National Education Policy 2009 in which they plan to incorporate the seminary education based on the Imam Hatip system, which will be approved after the deliberation and suggestions of all the provinces. He said, “We would like to work in collaboration with the Turkish education and religious ministries in order to formulate a better policy regarding seminary education. Instead of reinventing the wheel we should learn from our Turkish brothers as far as religious education is concerned.”