Malala Fund which was entrusted to UNESCO Pakistan for execution will be launched on Oct 8, 2015. It is the program for nine districts of Punjab, Sindh, KP, FATA and Balochistan to improve the quality of learning output and social uplifting of students. Minister for Education and Professional Training Baligh Ur Rehman chaired the meeting regarding “Malala Fund” Thursday.

Vibeka Jensen, Representative/Director UNESCO Islamabad, gave a brief presentation on Malala fund to the minister.

It would cover almost all aspects of the education like sanitation facility in girl’s schools specially and teachers training etc. This programme would be a campaign through social mobilisation using social techniques best suited for local communities e.g. advocacy, corner meetings and through FM radio etc.

Minister of State chaired another meeting later in the day regarding National Best Teachers’ Award. This programme is for two years (initially) starting from Oct 2015 to June 2017, with the estimated budget of Rs60 million. Special criteria for the selection of teacher would include innovation in teaching method, leadership quality and integrity of character along with the general criteria (Academic qualification, experience, and performance etc).