Wah cantt - Education is a benchmark for excellence and is crucial for any developing country like Pakistan and key to achieve sustainable development and prosperity.  This was stated by senior British Educationist David T.P Game while talking to newsmen here at Taxila Museum the other day. Irram Allauddin, Director South Asia of David Game Group of Colleges and Secretary General Gandhara Art and Culture Association Easter Park  was also present on this occasion. 

Game, who is in education filed from last 42 years, is Chairman of David Game College London and Westminster International School. Established in 1974, the college is coeducational, attracts students from many different countries and was awarded Highly Trusted Status by the UKVI while Westminster School is one of the UK’s leading academic schools also have branches in various cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.  He said that during the 75 years of academic excellence, Westminster College Britain was founded in the year 1934.  He said that Westminster International School is a direct extension of David Game College Group and shares its expertise with more than 27 colleges across the globe. Over the past several years we have established an international reputation for the quality of our teaching and the success of many of our students at university and beyond.

He was of the view that education system in Pakistan is contingent on several factors, such as the existence of cost-effective schools, better curricula, and awareness among parents, especially in rural areas, of the importance of education,  he added that  the single most important factor in getting children to complete   education is improving the structure of Pakistan’s school system. Responding a question, he said that well-being of a nation comes with education, as illiterate individuals do not turn out to be fruitful for any nation.  

“We firmly believe that the youth of Pakistan possess tremendous potential to bring positive change at a societal level,” he added. He said that a largely illiterate population is an easy prey to nefarious propaganda, and can be easily misguided, divided, and radicalized. He was of the view that economists believe that a substantial proportion of robust economic growth seen in western hemisphere is explained by their sophisticated education system.

He said that education which also acts as an engine to accelerate economic growth is indicating improvement during last few years. He said that he met with ruling politicians and optimistic that they are committed to the cause of the education which would help in development of education in the country.  He said that the indication  from the education sector are becoming stronger with each passing day which is a positive sign that country is on the right path of education development. He said that Westminster International School would also planned to establish charity school in Pakistan so that poor and needy would be provided quality education at low cost. 

Responding a question, he said that Pakistan is blessed with rich heritage and unique cultural resources. He said that Pakistan is quite different from what world community knows about it. He added that the world know Pakistan is a Muslim country but it has well preserved heritage of Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist and other religions and Taxila Museum is a true example of diverse cultural heritage which the country harbors.