Rawalpindi-Police have found a hand-grenade near a school located on Pindi Road in district Chakwal, reliable sources disclosed to The Nation on Wednesday.

Passerby alerted the police and security agencies after spotting the hand grenade in a heap of garbage dumped near public school, they said.

Bomb Disposal Squad (BDS) and personnel of other law enforcement agencies reached at the spot and examined the hand-grenade besides putting security on high alert in the area.

According to sources, the law enforcement agencies came into swift action after receiving a phone call from a passerby who told the police that he had seen a hand grenade in a heap of garbage near the school on Pindi Road.

A team of police rushed to the scene and later called BDS for defusing the hand grenade. The BDS examined the hand grenade, sources said. They said BDS declared the bomb as already defused and rusty. The occurrence of incident has been mentioned in daily crime register at Police Station (PS) City while further investigation was on, they said. A search operation was also conducted in the area to arrest the suspects and outlaws. “Well, the hand grenade found by police on public information was old one and there was no pin fixed in it. The grenade was rusty and not in exploding position,” a senior police officer told The Nation, when contacted.

He said police and personnel of intelligence agencies have begun manhunt for the culprit who threw hand grenade near the school. Regional Police Officer (RPO) Wisal Fakhar Sultan Raja was not available for his official version over recovery of hand-grenade near a school.