islamabad -  The Ministry of Capital Administration & Development Division (CADD) is expecting to provide syllabus to students without any delay, as the new session begins, official said on Tuesday.

Talking to The Nation an official of CADD informed, “Unlikely to previous terms, this year we are expecting to provide curriculum to most of the institutions on time.”

Official said there are more than 2 million students under Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) and the supply will also begin soon.

The official from ministry also said that FDE has prepared an alternative plan in case of delay in supply.

“FDE has stocked the old books and students who will not get new syllabus will be provided from the stock until the new course is provided to them,” he said.

The official also stated that FDE provides full course to every student individually. And there are more than 02 million students in 422 educational institutes.

New session will begin from April 12, while this year examination was held early because of census.

Official said, this year the printing order was also given to private sector.

“Every year the late printing of textbooks creates difficulties for students and parents so this year private sector was also involved for early printing,” he said.

Previously, only National Book Foundation (NBF), a government department was ordered for textbooks printing.

Official said that major share of printing was given to NBF while private setup was involved for extra support to meet the supply of books.

“Private setup was included to swift the supply,” he said.

Since the free education policy has been adopted in the federal education institutes, government is responsible to provide textbooks to every student till basic level education.

Public Relations official CADD Ateeq-ur-Rehman told The Nation that ministry is taking efforts to provide uninterrupted supply of syllabus to students before the new academic session starts.

“The minister himself is looking into matter and hopefully all students will be provided the syllabus when the new session starts,” he said.

A college official from F-8/4 talking to The Nation said that supply of books to some colleges has begun and institutes are expecting to provide the syllabus to students without any delay this time.

“Institution head are being called from FDE to come and collect the course,” he said.

However a Model College principal contradicting the claim informed The Nation that supply has not begun so far.

The printing order was given late this year, so it is not possible to provide syllabus when the new session starts, he said.

“Books are given to students on the day when exams are announced and if not then they are considered late,” said the principal.