I would like to draw the kind attention of CM Baluchistan to recent development made between Government of Baluchistan Secondary Education Department and National Testing Service (NTS). A notification was issued in which it was stated that the recruitment of all teaching staff, in BPS-15 and below, will be made after a screening test conducted through NTS. However, NTS is a private organisation which holds different exams for admissions to universities and jobs and it charges Rs.700 to Rs.1200, from each candidate for these exams, which is too much, whereas Baluchistan Public Service Commission(BPSC) charges 500 for such tests.

Unfortunately, the charge of Rs 1000 per posts, announced by NTS on behalf of Government of Baluchistan has baffled the candidates and it seems to be formal looting on the NTS end. Consequently, the hapless candidates seem reluctant to take part in the 4,359 posts announced by Government of Baluchistan. I do appreciate the employment steps taken by Chief Minister Baluchistan to bolster the youth of the province but I beseech him to take step to curtail or reduce the fee, as well as the policy, regarding applying for the current posts. All process must be transparent whether the candidates who don’t have diplomas would be considered as eligible, after passing these test, if not, then these posts should not be used as tool to grab money from poor candidates. The criteria must be meticulously planned, by keeping in mind the poor financial background of the people and should have lenient rules, so that the candidates from poor financial background could apply and avail the opportunity.


Islamabad, November 28.