LAHORE (PR): It is the responsibility of State that basic necessities like education, health, water, electricity, railways, oil and gas etc. should be under public sector, therefore, Government should adopt national economic self-reliance policy and adopt better services culture in these enterprises and recover $200 billion deposited in  Swiss Bank.

The majority of these state units were closed and their precious lands were sold with huge profits resulting the unemployment of hundreds of thousand workforce in the country. These demands were raised in  a seminar held at Bakhtiar Labour Hall under the aegis of All Pakistan Workers Confederation which was participated by large number of Trade Unions Representatives belonging to the various Trade Unions. The Seminar was addressed by Veteran Trade Union Leader Khurshid Ahmad, General Secretary of Confederation, Professor Shamsher Khan, Ch. Muhammad Anwar, Ch. Khushi Muhammad Khokhar, M/s. Niaz Khan, Osama Tariq, Akbar Ali Khan, Syed Imtiaz Shah and others.