LAHORE - Punjab University Department of Zoology Associate Professor Dr Zulfiqar Ali has been honoured to present three research outcomes at Annual Aerosol Conference in Birmingham.

The work was conducted in UK, Pakistan and China and comparative environmental research upshots show the current scenario of air pollution status of three countries. The presentations were entitled, Comparative study of particulate matter in various environments in the UK and Pakistan, Comparison of PM2.5 concentration above 3000 elevation in China and Pakistan, Changes in particulate matter concentrations at different altitudinal levels with environmental dynamics.

The research was conducted under facilitation of INSPIRE-TNE British Council Programme and University of The Punjab awarded travel grant to attend the conference.

Degree awarded: Punjab University has awarded PhD degree to the scholar in which Sadia Naureen d/o Khaliquz Zaman in the subject of Chemistry after approval of her thesis entitled “Synthesis of Indole Based Heterocyclic Compounds”.