Once again sorrow and fear has knocked on the doors of Peshawar. This time the Taliban’s target was the future of Pakistan. Children dressed in uniform marched to their school for their exams, but who had any idea that this would be their last exam and they would clear all their papers by giving their lives? More than 132 students and teachers were killed. Pakistan’s situations is becoming worse with every passing day. Instead of uniting and working to rid the country of militants we have become a divided nation.

Let’s ask ourselves were these innocent students responsible? Did they deserve to be killed brutally? Whatever conflicts are there between the Government the Army and the Taliban they should be resolved through talks. People have lost all humanity, even though literacy rate is already low in Pakistan, now parents will be even more reluctant to send children to school. It’s a humble request to government to secure the future of our children. These killings won’t help in bringing change. We should all unite and think collectively and positively to make Pakistan a secure place to live in.


Karachi, December 16.