PESHAWAR - The valiant Principal of Army Public School Tahira Qazi could have saved her life, but she preferred to die with her school children, ignoring the calls of her grandson for the sake of the lives of the entrapped students.

Talking to The Nation here on Thursday, the brother of Tahira Qazi said, “Our hearts are broken; we have been deprived of a brave and courageous sister as at the time of the siege she was talking to her son from the school but told him that she is rescuing the children and informing their parents.”

“Terrorists are beasts and they have no religion wherever. We want their public execution,” he remarked.

He said that terrorists even did not spare children and women in the school, his sister was missing till the last moment, however, later her dead body was found after search operation in the final phase.

Tuesday morning, when the news appeared on TV channels that she had been made hostage along with other staffers, it panicked her son and husband, he added. Tahira Qazi could have easily protected herself, however, she preferred to die with her students, Imran, the brother of the martyred principal, said.

Recalling his school days, he noted: “The first thing that comes to my mind is that she was very strict in discipline.”


In order to trace out criminals among Afghan refugees, the city police and intelligence agencies on Thursday launched a crackdown in Afghan camps and in the outskirts of Peshawar.

Police sources said that suspects who are believed to have provided support to the Peshawar school attackers were arrested during the search operation.

The crackdown comes as the investigation into the Peshawar school attack continues. Investigation and forensic teams of the police collected evidence from the Army Public School. The investigation teams also met with the eyewitnesses of the attack and recorded their statements.

A special anti-terrorism team is carrying out the probe of the attack while the investigation of the district police and intelligence agencies also continues.